Clear Drop/Vinyl Café Curtains

The Best All Weather Solution for Outdoor Café Areas

Clear drop curtains, often referred to as vinyl café curtains due to their popular use in cafes, are an excellent solution for outdoor areas that may require some protection from wind or rain.

You’ll see them commonly fixed to terraces, verandahs, decks and patios, creating weather-proof settings for diners and customers to relax and enjoy their outdoor location while being protected from the elements.

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Add Another ‘Room’ to Your House

Clear drop curtains can also be a handy idea at home.

The curtains give you dry storage space wherever you need it – for shoes and coats, BBQs, outdoor furniture, or pet areas – while allowing sun and full light into the area.

Smaller areas often use ‘hand rolled’, eyeleted options, for easy operation.

Benefits of Using Café Curtains from All Weather Solutions

  • Fabricated from marine grade, fire retardant, clear vinyl plastic
  • Sewn with a PVC border in a colour to suit your décor and house style, to complete them and give them added strength
  • Mounted on a ‘roller system’, making them very easy to use
  • When lowered, the curtains attach to secure clips that enable them to be tensioned to prevent undue flapping
  • Manufactured with powder-coated roller brackets and anodised aluminium roller tube
  • Operated by a strong gearbox with stainless steel tipped crank handle
  • Roller brackets manufactured from stainless steel with aluminium roller tube
  • Manually operated using a crank handle via a small roller mounted gearbox unit

View photos of our clear café curtains in the image gallery.